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In high-ceiling rooms, the difference in temperature between the cold air at the bottom of the building, the hot fumes that rise and cool as they ascend, and the possible hot air cushion under the roof created by the sun lead to a phenomenon of stratification of fumes, which can render a standard electronic detection ineffective. Similarly, ventilated, dusty, damp or very bright environments can interfere with traditional systems such as localised, suction or linear smoke detectors.

However, risks remain in these restrictive environments. Fire detection by image analysis and connected to an SSI then makes perfect sense.

In support of class A Fire Safety Systems, recommended by insurance companies, DEF recommends the addition of fire detection by video image analysis for these complex sites.

A successful combination of the technological legacy of object detection and fire detection, DEF Fire Eye is a system consisting of smart cameras, with embedded algorithms to detect fumes and flames in these specific environments, bypassing the stratification phenomenon.

DEF Fire Eye is especially suitable for monitoring relatively spacious, open or semi-open areas. Combined with a wide range of boxes that are sealed, heated, ventilated, equipped with air blowing or even ATEX, this solution can be installed in the most demanding sites.

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