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The fire safety control panels (CMSI), are PLCs whose purpose is to protect people and property by facilitating the intervention of the emergency services. The CMSI corresponds to a set of devices securing a building: the operation of the evacuation diffusers (evacuation function), the closing of doors and fire valves (compartmentalisation function), the opening of smoke extraction shutters and starting of the smoke extraction engines (smoke extraction function), and subsequently the shut-down of these same engines during or after the intervention of the emergency services.

To check in real time the securing status, the system must be able to report the status of the various devices controlled. The CMSI fits into a global fire safety system (SSI).

Based on a daily technology watch, DEF works to integrate the major technical developments within its systems, offering in particular comfortable operation, a network of extended and secure communication, as well as a real time display of all the equipment integrated into the system.

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