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Fire safety system

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Sonorisation & Speaker


SSS (PA System)

– NF-SSI certified security PA system
– Unique on the NF market
– Improved evacuation with dedicated and personalised voice message
– Many assured comfort features (music, animation, Individual Security Plan (PPMS), confinement, etc.)
– Complete range of SSS


DEF offers a complete range of NF-SSI certified Security PA Systems (SSS).
The SSS groups together central equipment (ECSAV: DV50, DV400, B3S) and a range of speakers(HP). It provides the following two main features:

Security PA system, which is the combination of voice messages and emergency evacuation warning sound signal. This combination reassures listeners, allows them to adopt rational behaviour in the face of danger and therefore enables effective evacuation in the event of an alarm. Management of a security micro-phone for handling by an authorised person such as a fire-fighter.
The comfort PA system, which allows the broadcast of information from a desk, of background music, animation via a UHF microphone, chimes and/or pre-recorded messages (e.g.: containment message, Individual Security Plan (PPMS), class bell, etc.).
DEF is currently the only manufacturer to offer NF-SSI certified SSS guaranteeing the same level of quality and performance for all components of the SSI. This SSS range enables to cater to all types and sizes of sites.

Forte – Antares IV

– Addressable and modular system
– Easy and intuitive operation
– Colour screen with pictogram management
– Connectivity and service offer
– Interactivity for hourly risk management


Forte – Antares 4 are 2 addressable controllers (SDI and CMSI) that have been designed with excellent ergonomics. The Forte in particular uses a colour screen, dedicated pictograms and an optimised layout of LEDs and keys, thereby enabling easy and intuitive operation especially for “non-specialist” users.
The modularity of their system architecture enables in particular Front Panels to be integrated into extra flat bays (thickness 300 mm) to free up space and volume for the operator.
Thanks to interactivity with the detectors (Orion +, OAO-O, etc.), the sensitivity and detection mode can change according to a time slot for a perfect temporal adaptation to the risks and constraints of the supervised area.
The connectivity of the panels allows the user to know the status of his installation in real time thanks to the def-sentinel.com proposal.
The large modularity of the panels, in a box, in a bay, in a network makes it possible to cover all types and sizes of sites (small, large, multi buildings, high-rise buildings, etc.)

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Retours d'expérience

Musée du Louvre

Paris (75)

Complete migration of the Fire Safety System and safety PA system.

Institut Pasteur

Paris (75)

Overhaul of the Fire Safety System.

Générale de Manutention Portuaire

Le Havre (76)

Detection and extinguishing solutions.

DEF, premier constructeur européen en systèmes de sécurité incendie, propose une offre large de solutions dédiées à la sécurité de votre site. DEF s’appuie sur son réseau d’entreprises expertes pour répondre à l’ensemble des enjeux de tout exploitant, en vue de garantir la protection des personnes et des biens.
Avec DEF, optez pour la sécurité à 360° !
DEF vous assure de la disponibilité optimale de votre Système de Sécurité Incendie en mettant en œuvre les moyens d’un constructeur, ses équipes d’experts, ses produits certifiés, ses processus éprouvés et son expérience.
DEF conçoit, développe et fabrique depuis 1958 des produits de détection incendie et de sécurité incendie. Aujourd’hui sa gamme de produits intègre des métiers connexes et permet de répondre aux problématiques de bâtiments de taille et de type très différents avec une solution dédiée à la sécurité incendie.
DEF vous propose de retrouver ses produits dans son catalogue.
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