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Brouillard d'eau

Extinction par gaz

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Water spray

– Over 20 years of experience
– Total and complete control of the installation

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With more than 20 years of experience and internal teams of fitters, the DEF network is a recognised player in water spray extinguishing solutions. This extinguishing solution is the result of a water spray in the form of fine droplets (<1 mm) at pressures between 12 bar (low pressure) and 100 bar (high pressure), provided by a technology of specially designed diffusers. Water spray has a double effect: it lowers the temperature and simultaneously smothers the fire by lowering the oxygen concentration. Furthermore, the small diameter of the required piping networks facilitates its installation, even in congested spaces. Low or medium pressure water spray is recommended for protection of engine compartments and other auxiliary rooms.

Gas extinguishing system

– Inert gas IG55 (50% nitrogen, 50% argon)
– Respecting the environment
– Modular or centralised version
– Reduction of noise emission by 30 DB

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DEFINERT Matrix/silent nozzle is DEF’s natural and eco-friendly automatic extinguishing solution.

The use of IG55 (50% Nitrogen/50% Argon) inert gas makes it possible to smother and extinguish the outbreak of fire by reducing the oxygen content while ensuring visibility after release. This extinguishing agent is also safe for high-value equipment and goods, thus ensuring the sustainability of the system. It also fully respects the environment thanks to its two natural components from the atmosphere. The use of the silent nozzle and a regulated valve enables to reduce noise emission by 30 dB during extinguishing and to be perfectly suitable for the new constraints of the data processing centres, or any other room hosting computer servers.

Finally, the presence of a non-return check valve and a tank by tank attachment system provide ease of installation and improved accessibility for maintenance. DEFINERT MATRIX is available in modular or centralised version of 200 or 300 bars.

Gamme Ex

– Complete range
– NF certified ATEX Linear smoke detector

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The EX range is designed to monitor the fire risk in ATEX environment (risk of explosion). It consists of smoke, heat, flame detectors and a manual trigger and includes in particular the only NF certified linear smoke detector for ATEX environment: LYNX L30 ADF with IP66.


Détection de fumée par aspiration

– High sensitivity and early detection
– Accurate location of fire outbreak
– Easy maintenance

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PHENIX/S2H is a suction smoke detection system particularly suitable for monitoring equipment or critical volumes, such as bays or computer rooms.

Its high sensitivity enables early fire detection and offers the operator the possibility of intervening at the earliest.

The flexibility of the tubular network associated with the S2H detector integrated into it enables closer monitoring of the risk and precise localization of the source of a fire.

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Detection and extinguishing solutions.

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