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Extinguishing by water spray

Water is a natural extinguishing agent. Defragmented into micro droplets (less than 1 mm in size) and sprayed at low, medium or high pressure, depending on the risk to be protected, the water spray cools the combustion and enables to control the blaze. It is not very restrictive, easy to implement, safe for humans and has a significant economic advantage over time, the extinguishing agent being water.

Depending on the type of risk to be protected, the performance objectives may be different: control (limitation of the spread of fire and prevention of structural damage), elimination (significant reduction of the heat release rate and prevention of the reignition of the fire), or complete extinguishing (complete and definitive elimination of all flaming fires or smouldering fires). To meet these different challenges, DEF proposes through its Network, an extinguishing solution by water spray at low, medium and high pressure. The DEF Network has developed an in-depth knowledge of water spray extinguishing solutions that it has been able to implement since 10 years, to address complex problems (petrochemicals, data centres, etc.). Our experts support you to select the extinguishing solution adapted to your needs, study it, install it and commission it.

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