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Gas extinguishing system

Automatic gas extinguishing systems act at the very core of the risk to protect people and property while preserving the environment. Based on inert gases, the technologies developed by DEF guarantee total extinguishing, while respecting people and the environment.

DEFinert Matrix is DEF’s natural and eco-friendly automatic extinguishing solution. It is based on IG55: an inert gas suitable for fire protection, safe for humans or equipment, which acts by smothering fires by reducing the oxygen level. Combined with a regulated valve, a non-return check valve and a matrix attachment system offering easy installation and maintenance, the DEFinert Matrix solution is adapted to a maximum of applications, among which are protection of cabinets, archives and data centres. For the latter, DEF has also developed a silent nozzle to reduce noise pollution during the diffusion of inert gas, and thus preserve the equipment and data of protected sites.


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