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Women honoured at DEF Network

The International Women’s Rights Day was an opportunity for DEF Network to show that every day women play a major part in technical and commercial professions.  

Breaking stereotypes and giving passionate women greater access to technical and commercial positions in the industrial sector is one of DEF Network’s major ambitions. This drive is seen in many different efforts made by the Women of the Future Collaborative Circle, and in the partnership with the Elles bougent! association, as well as the higher value placed on women, who provide DEF Network with their expertise.

Raphaëlle Taesch is one of them. The design office manager in the DEF North East agency since June 2018, she was immediately struck by an interest for electricity during a visit in a professional secondary school. “The view of electrical switchboards really shocked me,” she said with a smile. With my two brothers and my mechanic father, we would spend our time taking everything apart to see how it worked.” Since then, she has followed her passion and now works in her preferred field, low-current electricity.

“Working on a technical subject is not exactly a choice, it’s just what I like to do,” Raphaëlle explained.

With these values, Raphaëlle Taesch got involved with Elles Bougent! association, which promotes the professions of engineer and technician among young women. In this context, she already participated in several events to convey her passion and maybe spark the desire for adolescents to enter into these professions.

Raphaëlle is not the only woman passionate about technical professions. In the videos, discover the portraits of two other women at DEF Network: Hélène Gautier, commercial engineer at Sonatech, and Gwendoline Gros, project manager at SSI Soft.

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