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With FIRE Temp, DEF invents the detection for sites in the construction phase

The FIRE Temp solution was designed to secure the sites during the construction phases: periods involving major risks of the starting of accidents.

Even though there is no regulatory framework specific to fire safety on work sites, an awareness has been established following various accidents declared during the construction/renovation of emblematic sites such as Vill’Up, Radio France , or the Ritz, and causing major property damage and significant financial consequences.

It is in this context that the idea of a temporary fire detection solution was born.

FIRE Temp provides the answer to the specific problem of fire safety on work sites:

  • A robust, mobile, and connected system
  • A dynamic system, which adapts to the progress of the construction phases,
  • A system that covers surfaces under construction and/or premises with specific risks,
  • A set of services that guarantee a functional level of the system throughout the duration of the project (management of equipment malfunctions and fouling),
  • A flexible solution in the form of a monthly service contract, making it possible to secure the site only during the targeted periods.

The FIRE Temp system consists of a frame carrying an addressable SSI panel and a box for sending alarms and fault reporting by SMS or email. It is based on radio technology, which combines flexibility and simplicity for optimal positioning of detectors on the work site.

The fire safety on request is set up just like a car rental service!




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